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Solutions Overview

Leading financial institutions choose Symbiont Assembly™ to issue, track and manage financial instruments, such as collateral, commodities, data, loans and securities.

Symbiont has created new infrastructure for capital markets that enables streamlined and efficient incorporation, capital formation, secondary trading and corporate governance. The new decentralized infrastructure provides greater access to capital, streamlined asset creation and enhanced liquidity.

Symbiont harmonizes the inconsistent feeds and formats that plague data providers and consumers, delivering a shared data set with superior accuracy, entitlements control, derivative data product creation and a host of other workflow
management capabilities.

Symbiont radically simplifies capital markets’ infrastructure for bonds, FX and OTC derivatives, replacing fragmented databases with a shared “single source of truth,” and manual processes with self-executing, deterministic smart contracts.

Symbiont creates an immutable mortgage record that securely shares data among servicers, investors and other key parties. Converting legacy records to Symbiont Smart Securities enhances data quality, automates complex workflows and boosts regulatory compliance. 

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