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Symbiont solves real problems in financial services with our enterprise blockchain platform, Assembly™
What We Do

Symbiont is building the next generation of financial markets infrastructure.

We are engineers and financial veterans solving finance's toughest challenges in partnership with global financial institutions.

Solutions Overview

Assembly™ is designed specifically for institutions to issue, track and manage financial instruments, such as data, loans and securities. These instruments live in a digital form as smart contracts, from inception through their entire lifecycle.


Symbiont Assembly™ is a platform for building and running decentralized applications, called "smart contracts," that meets the highest standards of security, integrity and availability for mission-critical use cases in financial services.

Strong consistency and privacy guarantees, without relying on intermediaries or central points of failure

End-to-end data encryption, stored on-chain to prevent data loss in a truly
decentralized environment

Smart contracts written in SymPL, a domain-
specific language for
building sophisticated 
decentralized applications

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