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Symbiont Assembly™ is a blockchain platform for building and running decentralized applications, called “smart contracts," that meets the highest standards of security, integrity and availability for mission-critical use cases in financial services.

How it Works

Assembly™ uses state machine replication to provide strong consistency and data availability guarantees without sacrificing network decentralization or confidentiality. Assembly smart contracts are written in SymPL™, a domain-specific language designed for modeling the most complex business logic for a decentralized, digital golden record of financial transactions.

Guaranteed consistency

Nodes are guaranteed to have consistent views of shared application state in the presence of fine-grained privacy controls, without ever relying on trusted central authorities to perform data validation.

Superior privacy

Assembly uses end-to-end encryption to protect your confidential smart contract data, so that only you and your counterparties ever see the contents of your transactions.

True decentralization

Assembly never relies on trusted third parties or central points of control to maintain consistency in the presence of transaction privacy. Every Assembly node is identical, storing a perfect copy of the network’s encrypted transaction history and executing each transaction independently.

Robust​ consensus

Assembly’s Byzantine fault-tolerant consensus protocol is resilient to the kinds of failures that you don’t expect, supporting mission-critical use cases where malicious or compromised parties would otherwise threaten the health of a network.



End-to-End Encryption


Byzantine Fault-Tolerance


Multi-User Nodes


Easy Node Administration


On-Chain Data and Logic


Advanced Smart Contract DSL


Dynamic Network Membership

Powerful SDK

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