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Symbiont Unveils Brand Refresh

Adds New Icon to Visual Identity Underscoring Private Blockchain Technology Platform

Focused on Risk Reduction, Confidentiality & Operational Efficiencies

September 13, 2022, NEW YORK, NY – Symbiont, Inc. a technology pioneer solving complex

global finance problems using enterprise blockchain solutions, announced today a brand

refresh to underscore its fintech leadership as one of the pioneers of enterprise blockchain.

The company unveiled a new visual identity introducing an icon to its logo highlighting its

proprietary technology platform, which focuses on risk reduction, confidentiality, and

operational efficiencies.

The brand refresh comes at a time of evolution and maturity of blockchain technology

within the financial services industry overall. For Symbiont specifically, the brand refresh

marks a new growth phase following the official launch of its smart-collateral product with

Vanguard and State Street in December of 2021 to bring post-trade workflow automation,

along with the expansion of its leadership, and an upcoming new release of its sophisticated

and private Assembly platform. Symbiont’s Assembly platform continues its evolution,

enhancing simplicity, flexibility, stability, and overall performance to maintain its innovation

status as the leading private enterprise blockchain platform for financial institutions.

Mark Smith, Co-Founder and CEO of Symbiont commented, “When my Co-Founders and I

created Symbiont the idea was to develop a technology company that would represent the

‘symbiotic’ relationship between new decentralized technology within traditional financial

markets and emerging tech. Eight years later, I’m delighted that we have successfully

created a distributed ledger blockchain and smart contract technology within our custom

permissioned technology platform, built with the purpose of fixing traditional capital

markets issues.”

“Today’s rollout of our new brand identity is a nod to our team and the Assembly platform

we created using risk-averse, secure fintech solutions to solve complex problems for banks,

asset-managers, and financial marketplaces. The Symbiont team of engineers and financial

services experts have been developing solutions to solve market problems in the data, posttrade,

and fixed income markets, with a goal of building the common market infrastructure

of the future. We are gaining traction and more than ever focused on accelerating our

smart collateral product adoption to automate back-office operations of private legal and

regulatory documents,” he added.

Silvia Davi, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer of Symbiont commented, “Symbiont

was an early visionary within the fintech community and one of the first to use blockchain

technology as a solution to replace antiquated systems and solve complex market

problems. Our brand refresh emphasizes our roots while introducing a new block icon to

our visual identity to underscore our focus on security, problem- solving, decentralization

and connectivity. Our CEO, CTO, myself and many other Symbiont team members were a

part of the electronification within financial services early on in our careers and today our

mission is to introduce a new phase of market infrastructure technology solutions to reduce

risk and costs in the back-office, post-trade operations.”

Chuck Ocheret, Chief Technology Officer of Symbiont said, “Our brand refresh aligns with the

next generation of Symbiont’s Assembly platform. This is our most advanced release to

date, continuing to raise the bar for innovation and technical excellence. The unique use of

‘io’ within the Symbiont name is meant to emphasize our computer science origins and the

concept of inputs/outputs.”

“We highlight the IO in the Symbiont logo in orange to represent creativity and the color

gray to highlight our market sophistication. It’s rewarding to be among the first fintech

companies to use innovations that have defined our legacy and left an indelible mark in the

industry. Symbiont has reinvented smart securities to create intelligent markets, as our

corporate motto suggests, and we are excited about broadening our market adoption in the

year ahead.” Silvia added.

About Symbiont

Symbiont is a leading technology company focused on solving complex global finance

problems using a novel enterprise blockchain solution. An early pioneer of smart contracts

and distributed ledger technologies, Symbiont’s Assembly™ blockchain is the first enterprise

platform developed to remove operational friction from the life cycle of financial

instruments, while enabling real-time data sharing with optimal security and privacy.

Founded in New York with a global footprint, Symbiont is composed of a team of capital

markets experts and engineers located all over the world with the common goal of creating

market efficiencies to power the next generation of financial market innovation.

To learn more about Symbiont, please visit or contact the team at

[email protected]. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Press Contact:

[email protected]

Tel: 646-637-5924

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