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Symbiont joins FinP2P collaboration on Global Digital Securities

Symbiont joins Ownera to deliver blockchain solutions for the FinP2P digital securities interconnectivity protocol.

FinP2P unveiled a demonstration of the seamless interconnection of 10 leading industry solutions at the Security Token Summit on March 25th, 2021. FinP2P will also release API specifications enabling other entities to integrate to the network, creating the first cross-industry open-source collaboration. These APIs provide a single point of connection to multiple enterprise DLT technologies, custody solutions and settlement currencies – a major step in digitizing the global economy.

Symbiont, a leader in institutional blockchain solutions has connected its enterprise blockchain platform, Assembly, to the FinP2P protocol. Dan Truque, Alternative Assets business development lead at Symbiont explains, “Our integration with FinP2P was very straightforward. The FinP2P cloud allows us to broadcast assets from our network to the FinP2P ecosystem and vice versa for secondary trading and greater liquidity.”

“Interconnecting dozens of different blockchain platforms has never been done at this scale, and with such diverse interoperability”, adds Ami Ben-David, Founder and CEO of Ownera, the company providing the FinP2P interconnectivity node to companies on the network. “The expected results of the adoption of the FinP2P network are improved liquidity and better access to capital and assets, opening up any privately-held asset to hundreds of thousands of potential investors.” Beyond delivering greater liquidity, Ami stresses the operational benefits of the new universal network: “Transactions on the FinP2P network are expected to complete in just a fraction of the time they take today, utilizing simplified, automatic processes such as online due-diligence, unified and automated legal work, and shorter regulatory and compliance processes.''

Earlier in the year, CB Insights named Symbiont to its inaugural Blockchain 50 ranking, a list of the top private companies applying or analyzing blockchain technology to solve business problems across various industries. This award is the latest in a string of accolades for Symbiont. The enterprise blockchain pioneer was also selected for the 2020 CB Insights List of Fastest-Growing Fintech Startups. Additionally, Vanguard was selected in February to Forbes Blockchain 50 for using Symbiont’s platform to set security prices on some $1.5 trillion of its $6 trillion in holdings.

About Symbiont:

Symbiont is the enterprise fintech company creating the next generation of financial markets infrastructure using blockchain technology. Assembly™, Symbiont’s enterprise blockchain platform, creates efficiencies, eliminates manual data replication and reconciliation processes, and enables real-time data sharing with complete privacy. Headquartered in New York City, Symbiont is led by a team of experts in capital markets and blockchain technology. To learn more about Symbiont, please visit or contact the team at [email protected].

About Ownera:

Ownera is a digital securities software company leading the development of the FinP2P network – Building the institutional rails for a new multi-trillion-dollar digital market. The company contributed the API specifications of the FinP2P protocol as open-source and delivers FinP2P compatible network nodes and digital securities solutions to the financial industry. The company was founded by Ami Ben-David, an early pioneer, founder, builder and investor in companies in the digital securities space. For more information, go to

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