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Asset-backed Securities and Fixed Income

Market Problem

Today’s market infrastructure is highly fragmented, with issuers, underwriters, custodians, transfer agents and investors relying on disparate data sources requiring constant reconciliation. This necessitates the use of multiple intermediaries to enable the primary issuance and secondary trading of financial assets. These layers add costs, reduce capital efficiency and slow settlement times.

Symbiont's Blockchain Solution

Symbiont makes it possible to issue, service and trade traditional debt instruments on a distributed ledger while achieving full regulatory compliance. This enables more streamlined, direct transactions among market participants, lowering operational expenses, reducing the need for intermediaries, allowing for real time settlement and freeing up capital.

Key Solutions: 

  • Primary Issuance: Maintain official books and records on a distributed ledger without need for central securities depositories, accelerating settlement and maintaining direct connection to investors

  • Secondary Trading: Achieve T-0 trade settlement, improve liquidity in opaque markets, improve visibility into underlying asset performance

  • Asset Servicing: Automate calculation and distribution of principal and interest, achieve 100% delivery of corporate action notices, eliminate reconciliation

  • Asset Custody: Integrate qualified custodians where required for publicly registered securities or 40 Act fund holdings, maintaining full regulatory compliance

Features and Benefits


Unlock capital

Enable real-time settlement, increase capital velocity, decrease working capital, create new products, reach new buyers, improve execution

Ensure accuracy

Golden source of immutable data for any security or financial agreement residing on the network

Increase security

Privacy model with no central point of failure

Reduce risk

Prevent tampering, compliance gaps, third party dependencies, counterparty failures

Cut costs

Automate workflows, remove intermediaries, eliminate reconciliation

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