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Alternative Assets

Market Problem

The market infrastructure for private placement, capital raising and secondary trading of alternative assets remains manually intensive, operationally inefficient, and incredibly fragmented. The idiosyncrasies associated with unregistered securities, the manually intensive, operationally inefficient and fragmented nature of the market all require the confidential sharing of data and logic. The market demands a single source of truth with no central authority.

Private Securities Network

Symbiont has created new infrastructure for digital markets that enables streamlined and efficient incorporation, capital formation, secondary trading and corporate governance.


Creating financial instruments natively on Symbiont’s enterprise blockchain platform enables those instruments to act autonomously throughout their entire lifecycle, dramatically reducing the middle and back office overhead previously required.

Key Solutions


Companies can use the blockchain as their share registry, creating tamper-proof digital shares that will ensure proper corporate governance and enable secondary trading

Corporate governance

Allows real-time capital table management and creates perfect audit trail of ownership, payments and other asset lifecycle events, ultimately preventing information loss when securities are sold and transferred

Primary issuance

Enables native on-chain issuance and on/off ramp functionality for compatibility with existing non-blockchain infrastructure and enforces regulator and company imposed transfer restrictions at the asset level

Secondary trading

Shortens post-trade processes from days to near real-time by eliminating costly manual reconciliation processes and settlement risk through atomic

Features and Benefits


Efficiency and transparency

Streamlines asset creation and real-time investor tracking



Smart contracts enforce and automate asset terms and trading behavior


Enhanced liquidity

Supports faster and lower risk trading workflow, creating the potential for enhanced liquidity


Cost savings

Significantly reduces legal and middle and back office operational overhead

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